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Nuweld Clamps are manufactured to the highest standards, and are constructed to perform reliably, efficiently and are made to last. With over 70 years’ experience, we know how to make Clamps that last.

G Clamp

Heavy-duty high-quality all steel engineering clamps made for those who demand the best out of their tools.

  • 100% steel fabrication
  • Can be easily adaptated to jigging or clamping systems
  • All parts replaceable and modifiable
  • Made in New Zealand with a lifetime guarantee
Starts at $48.00

Welding Earth Clamp

Starts at $38.00

Acme Thread & Barrel Nuts

Starts at $13.35

"You won't find stronger, more robust clamps anywhere - no clamp I've ever used comes close."

- Neil Pask aka Pask Makes, YouTuber, Maker & Welder, Nice Guy.

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500Amp Heavy Duty Welders Earth Clamp - 40mm
Welding clamp (for home photo 2)
Welding clamp (for home photo 1)

Product Feature

Welding Clamps

A high-quality heavy-duty all steel welders earth clamp designed to get the best performance out of your welding machine and produce a quality weld. The design of this clamp provides maximum contact and excellent current flow allowing you to maintain welding output voltage.

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Acme Threaded Barrel Nut 1-1/2" Inch (38.10mm)
Acme Rod Fully Threaded 1-1/2" Inch (38.10mm) x 1000mm
Acme Rod Fully Threaded 1-1/4" Inch (31.75mm) x 1000mm

Product Feature

Acme Thread & Barrel Nuts

For movement under large loads Nuweld acme threads are precision machined and produced from AISI 1215 Low Carbon Bright steel. Acme screws have much better wear properties, load capabilities and tolerances than standard threaded rods. With thicker and wider threads acme rods also operate better in environments with dirt and debris.

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From our happy customers

Nuweld make a great clamp. I have been using them in my workshop for decades and always buy from them.

Terry C.

I came across these clamps on the web looking at HD clamps. I already have a few clamps, but none are like these, they are great!

Antonio H.

The Nuweld Earth clamps are excellent. I purchased one to use on my welder to replace the old crocodile clamp and installed it on the earth cable. The clamp provides excellent earthing and a secure fixing.

Warren G

I bought a barrel nut for a restoration project from this website as there was nothing over here in the UK and the only alternative was to get one made specially. Nut arrived safe and well! Thank you for a superb service and your concern.


These clamps are truly heavy duty, and could feel the quality as soon as I held them. The acme thread used on these clamps is very smooth and robust. Takes only a few turns to tighten up the clamps due to the pitch.

JP Engineering

We ordered the wrong size clamps. Jith from NTS was quick to help us get the correct sized clamps and refunded the price difference. Great service and excellent product, the clamps work perfectly!

Riton Engineering

Excellent quality and very robust clamps with a good quality finish. Capable of producing significant force without any distortion.

Michael Johnson

Good value solid general purpose clamps use for woodworking, welding and other engineering. Every bit as good as the big name brands.

DML Engineering

Excellent quality, great price and next day delivery what more could anyone want. Truly Heavy duty unlike other clamps I have had from mainstream DIY retail outlets.

Gareth B.